3D Viewers
View-Vaster™ HD3D Stereoscope
View-Vaster™HD3D Stereoscope

If your audience doesn't say, "It's like I'm there!"
Then you need a better viewer!
Made in USA
This is much more than a 3D cell phone viewer, This is a true Stereoscope!
Imagine viewing your  3D  images in the same HD resolution you see on a movie screen or HD TV on a 5” cell phone display! Now you can easily view your 3D images & videos anywhere in stunningly-wide HD clarity with the immersiveness that only 3D can provide. This 3D Viewer has:

  • Fully enclosed viewing area allows for clear viewing even in full sun
  • Adjustable focus & interocular spacing
  • Fully-coated, anti-reflective, doublet achromatic lenses are removable for cleaning
  • Load and view in simple side-by-side format
  • Easy to upgrade phone mount when you change phones
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