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Cy-3D iPad Viewer!

Now you can view & share
your 3D images & video with
ease in stunningly crisp HD!
Cy-3D iPad Viewer
There is nothing quite as immersive and realistic as looking at 3D images through a stereoscope! This viewer works with iPad Retina display and allows you to easily share thousands of 3D images and video. 

Features and Benefits:
  • 40 degree horizontal field of view uses full screen width
  • 3D Viewing is comparable to looking a 65" TV from 6 1/2 ft away
  • Super fast image scrolling
  • Adjustable inter-ocular and focus
  • High-quality, prismatic, achromatic lenses that are fully coated for anti-reflection 
  • Shows video in perfect sync
  • No need to reformat pictures if you already view in parallel/side-by-side format using the standard iPad software (iPad image viewing software icon is called photos).
  • Zooming in on the images is possible by use "i3D Steroid" software, which is available from the app store, developed by Masuji Suto, author of StereoPhoto Maker
  • Eye-guards help to block out visual distractions
  • Free table-top tripod included 
  • Cable-free viewing if iPad battery is charged
Click here to see product manual in pdf format

Cy-3D iPad Viewer

Price: $495.00 
Price includes free shipping to the continental USA. iPad not included. International shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote
 "With this product, I can view thousands of stereoviews in 3d and show others (historians, collectors, etc) without having to transport valuable originals around and changing from stereoview to stereoview with a hand-held stereoviewer. I am very happy with the product!"                            Chris Reder, Satisfited Owner of the Cy-3D iPad Viewer
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