Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3

Create your own 3D photos and video!
Benefits & Features:
  • Capture 3D photos and video in 3D
  • High-precision lens alignment technology for high-quality 3D image capture
  • 3D Playback on the rear camera monitor
  • Dual10 megapixel images
  • Optional 2D mode setting
  • Zoom function up to 3X optical
  • Self timer, so everyone can be in the picture: 10 sec/2 sec delay
  • Built-in flash
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Digital Interface
  • Weight = 230 grams/8.1 oz
  • Size= Approx. 124 (W) x 65.9 (H) x 27.8 (D) mm / 4.9 (W) x 2.6 (H) x 1.1 (D) in.
  • Requires SD or SDHC memory card
A Great Point-and-Shoot Digital 3D Camera

You have two eyes, your camera should have two lenses. The Fuji W3 3D camera captures one image for each eye, recording the world just as you see it, with depth and realism. Using a camera with only one lens is like seeing with one eye closed. Use both eyes and see the Future of Imaging!
Options for viewing your
3D photos:
  • HD3D View-Vaster
  • Cyclopital3D iPad Viewer
  • Cyclopital3D Lighted Print Viewer
  • 3D capable computer monitors
  • 3D photo frame
  • 3D televisions with 3D glasses
  • 3D lenticular prints
  • Dual prints or slides using a stereoscopic viewer
  • Parallel or cross-eyed free-viewing of photos, slides or digital images
  • Anaglyphs 3D images on any computer monitor using red/blue glasses
  • Viewmaster type reels from Image3D
Fuji FinePix Real3D W3
Lighted Print Viewer
Use with 4 x 6 prints or photo books. Wide, 47 degree FOV, focus adjustment, tripod mount, collapsable eye-cups, runs on two AA batteries.
Start creating your own 3D content now!
Remote Shutter Release for Fuji W3
This custom modification entails installing a new connector port into your W3 which allows you to plug in a shutter release trigger. You have the option of choosing a wired or wireless shutter release trigger, both of which add intervelometry capabilities, too!
More Information on the FinePix Real3D W3:
Close-up/Macro Adapter for Fuji W3 & Fuji W1
Take close-up shots not possible without the adapter! Great for scenes with close-up and distant subjects together, head & shoulder portraits, and pure close-up shots. Reduces stereobase (lens spacing) from 75mm to 25mm, built in flash hot-shoe, tripod mount, camera strap anchors, and 72mm lens ring allows for optional Macro lens too! Read more...

Auxiliary Lens Adapter for Fuji W3 & Fuji W1
Use to attach auxiliary wide-angle or fish-eye lenses, lens hoods or filters. Adapter has built-in spirit level, camera strap anchors, active hot shoe and PC port enables connection to studio flash system. Read more...

Stereo Base Extender for Fuji W3
Includes free shipping to the continental US! Expands stereo base from 75mm to 225mm, built-in spirit level, PC port, hot-shoe mount, tripod mount and additional handle grip.
Perfect for wildlife shots, bands & landscapes. 

Tips for Shooting Great 3D Photos with your Fuji W3 Cameraclick to download PDF
Cyclopital3D has chosen not to re-sell the camera at this time because we cannot compete with the prices being offered by larger volume resellers. But, please consider purchasing our other unique accessory products direct from us.

Polarizer Attachment for Fuji W3
Price includes free shipping to the continental USA, international shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote.
Read more and see sample photos...