Remote Shutter Release and Intervelometer for Fuji W3

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Remote Shutter Release for Fuji W3
This great new functionality allows you to do stop-motion video and hyper-stereo shots using the supplied intervelometer and remote control. This modification enables remote shuttering to reduce camera shake or to use the camera in an otherwise inaccessible position. This system allows you to synchronize multiple cameras for creative multi-lens still photography, such as lenticulars and wide-base hyper-stereos. It's also compatible with wildlife motion or lightening detection systems and the interface is compatible with  Canon RSR system and most functions in the amazing new iPhone app, Triggertrap.

This custom modification entails installing a new connector port into your W3 which allows you to plug in a shutter release trigger. You have the option of choosing a wired (54") or wireless shutter release trigger, both of which add intervelometry capabilities, too.

Service is typically completed within 3 business days of camera receipt.

Option #1
Includes 54" wired trigger & free domestic return shipping
Price: $189.95

Option #2
Includes wireless trigger & free domestic return shipping.
Price: $249.95
Get Two Cameras Modified!!

Option #3
Includes two camera modifications, one Wireless Remote, a Splitter and two connecting cables and return domestic shipping.
Price: $400

Option #4
Includes two camera modifications, two Wireless remotes and return domestic shipping.
Price $450
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