Auxiliary Lens Adapter for
Fuji W3 & W1

Easily attach Wide-angle or 
Fish- eye lenses, Filters or Lens Hoods!
The Cyclopital3D Auxiliary Lens adapter allows you to double your camera's field of view by attaching wide angle or fish eye lenses to your Fuji W3 or W1. Click here to see examples of the extra-wide pictures this adapter allows you  to capture!

Wider angle 3D photos are great when you can't back up enough to get everyone or everything in the picture or you can also leave it on all the time to capture more of every scene you photograph. 

The results you can achieve with this adapter can be amazing 3D photos! Expand your photographic capabilites now!
Benefits and Features:
  • 37mm lens rings for attaching wide-angle, fish-eye lenses, lens hoods or filters
  • Hot shoe mount & trigger for external flash and studio flash systems.*Works with most
  • Tripod mount
  • Neck strap anchors accepts 3/8"/10mm width
  • Built in spirit level
  • Convenient hand grip is easy to hold
  • Built-in battery holder
  • Lightweight, shock-resistance, tough nylon material
  • PC flash connector
*Note: because an additional battery is not needed to power the flash control unit, it does not work with some, older high-voltage flash models. A list of known compatible flash models is updated regularly. Click here to see the current list
Fuji W3 Auxiliary Lens Adapter
Price:  $299.00
Lenses not included. Includes free standard domestic shipping.International shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote

Fuji W1 Auxiliary Lens Adapter
Price:  $299.00
Includes flash hot-shoe and free standard domestic shipping.

Sample Images: Click here to see sample images using wide-angle lenses.

Owners Manual. Click here to download a PDF for the W3 Adapter.

Owners Manual. Click here to download a PDF for the W1 Adapter.
Mennon 37mm Lens Hoods (2)
​Find these on made for camcorders.
No longer available here.
Auxiliary lenses not included. We recommend 37mm Wide-angle lenses by Raynox HD-5050PRO-LE, which B & H photo sells for $119 each, two lenses are required. If you prefer a lens that's less wide and lower cost, we also use the .7x Sony VCLHA07A Wide Conversion Lens. These lenses can be found on Amazon, Adorama & B & H Photo for $25-$30.
Polarizer Attachment for Fuji W3
Price: $199.00
Price includes free shipping to the continental USA, international shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote.
Read more and see sample photos...
Made in USA
Cyclopital3D, Inc.       Fort Collins, Colorado            970-221-3923  
Fuji W3 Auxiliary Lens Adapter without flash hot-shoe includes cold-shoe mount for optional View-Finder attachment (pics coming soon)
Price:  $249.00
This is a great option if you want to use wide-angle lenses, filters or lens hoods, but don't need an external flash-such as outside! Includes free standard domestic shipping.

New International Shipping Option! 
Flat rate= $50 for standard US Postal service. 
Note: for larger orders there may be a greater fee.
New Tougher, Lighter Nylon Material!
NOT available for purchase