Close-up/Macro Adapter for
Fuji W3 & W1

Improve the results of
your 3D Photography!
Close up 3D photography produces some of the most stunning images possible in the art! Three situations where this adapter is necessary for accurate depth portrayal are:
  • Scenes with both close-up and distant subjects in them to get clarity in both.
  • Portraits - so facial proportions are accurate (have you ever seen the "bubble shadow" behind someone's head or a jutting, elongated chin?)
  • Close-up and/or Macro shots. Samples

Plus, this adapter also allows you to connect your Fuji W1/W3 to a studio flash system!

The Cyclopital3D Close-up/Macro adapter uses perfectly aligned high quality mirrors to effectively reduce the stereo base of your Fuji W3 and W1 to just 25mm, down from 75 & 77mm, respectively. This shortening of the stereo base allows you to get 3X closer to your subject while still maintaining an acceptable level of parallax. The adapter also increases the common image seen by both lenses, reducing the amount of image loss commonly experienced in 3D macro photography. And now you can take close-up actions shots too!

The results are amazing 3D photos of situations that aren't possible to capture without the adapter!

Benefits and Features:
  • Reduces stereo base to 25mm
  • Reduces image loss
  • Hot shoe mount & trigger for external flash and
 studio flash systems. *See note below. 
  • Neck strap anchors accept 3/8"/10mm width
  • Tripod mount
  • Convenient hand grip is easy to hold
  • Built in 72mm lens ring allows for attaching optional macro lens, ring flash filters or lens hood
  • Precision laser alignment of mirrors
  • Sealed mirror chamber protects against dust and fingers
  • Size (WxHxD) 6 x 4 x 2.75" / 153 x 102 x 70mm

Fuji W3 Close-up/Macro Adapter 
Price:  $299.00
Includes free standard domestic shipping, UV filter and lens cap. International shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote
Fuji W1 Close-up/Macro Adapter
Price:  $299.00
Includes free standard domestic shipping, UV filter and lens cap!
Owner's manual for W3 Adapter. Click here to view a PDF
*Note: because an additional battery is not needed to power the flash control unit, it does not work with some older, high voltage flash models. A list of known compatible flash models can be found here and is updated regularly. Click here to open a PDF of the current list.
Lens Hood
72mm lens hoods help shade camera lenses from sun or artificial lights to avoid "glare" in photo. Black, soft rubber.

OUT OF STOCK. Find this item on
Owner's manual for W1 Adapter. Click here to view a PDF
Auxiliary lenses are not required with the Close-up/Macro adapter. But, some users may want to attach an additional close-up lens that provides greater magnification, thus extending the camera’s range and allowing the photography to get mere inches from a subject.  

We recommend purchasing a high-quality close-up lens set, such as the Vivitar Series 1 (sold below) or various close-up lenses from Marumi (only available in 77mm).
Click to see a large stereo image
Vivitar Close-Up Macro Lens Set
Price: $60.00
This set includes +1, +2, +4 and +10 diopter filters in a 72mm ring size and a carrying wallet. Price includes free shipping to the continental USA. International shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote.
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