JVC Filter/Close-up Adapter

Any serious filmmaker or photographer  understands the benefits of using Polarizers and creative Filters. And, the Cyclopital3D Filter/Close-up Adapter (FCA) is also perfect for documentaries and close-up interviews! The FCA is a universal adapter that expands the capabilities of your JVC 3D Camcorder by enabling the use of a multitude of accessory filters, lenses and other attachments. Read more...
JVC Stereo Base Extender

The  Cyclopital3D  Stereo  Base  Extender  (SBE) is  perfect for maintaining  accurate  depth portrayal when  subjects  are more  distant from the  camera, such  as:  wildlife,  band  or theatrical performances, weddings or portraits. The SBE can help improve our results! The  SBE  uses  perfectly  aligned  high  quality  front  surface mirrors  to effectively  increase  the  stereo  base  from  32mm  to  140mm. Read more...
Cyclopital3D makes five accessories to enhance  the capabilities of your JVC 3D camcorder, a Filter/Close-up Adapter (FCA) and a Stereo Base Extender (SBE), and three Wide-Angle Adapters. The camcorder allows you to zoom for adjusting the scale of "X" and "Y" and now, with the SBE, you can also change the scale in the "Z" dimension to increase the depth portrayed in the images you capture.
Adapters for the
Now you can vary your techniques to achieve spectacular results!
JVC Wide-Angle Lenses
These three wide angle adapters significantly increase the field of view seen by the camera. The 35mm focal length equivalents are11mm, 25mm and 28mm.The Field of View (FOV) for each lens, respectively, are 117, 72 and 64 degrees. Read More...

"The accessories were perfectly packed, and a first test allowed me to see exciting opportunities!"         Gerard Monteil, France
Click here to see sample video using the Stereo Base Extender.
Click here to see sample video using the Filter/Close-up Adapter.
Thanks to Joe Clark, who contributed this excellent footage!
Made in USA

"What you have created is a godsend to enhancing the dimensional stage of these cameras"         John Harris, Film-maker, California
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