New Accessories for the
Panasonic HDC-Z10000!
Now you can vary your techniques to achieve spectacular results!
This Stereo Base Extender (SBE) for the Panasonic Z10000 helps you to produce amazing 3D images of more distant subjects by maintaining accurate depth portrayal when you use longer than normal focal lengths. It is especially useful for capturing the action in sporting events, getting up close at concerts, or shooting wildlife while maintaining your distance. Anytime you want to get a close look at your subject without getting too close to it. Read more...

Stereo Base Extender 
Wide-angle Lenses

The Wide-angle Lens (WAL) set expands the capabilities of your Panasonic Z10000 Camcorder by widening the field of view (FOV) from 58.7 degrees to 78 degrees. It also includes a precision designed Lens Shade that perfectly fits the expanded FOV. Read more...
Filter/Close-up Adapter
The Cyclopital3D Filter/Close-up Adapter (FCA) is a four-piece set that expands the capabilities of the Panasonic Z10000 Camcorder by enabling the use of close-up lenses and filters.  This unit also helps improve lens clarity by removing the plastic lens cover that comes stock on the camera and replaces it with professional grade glass. If professional filters are needed, it is compatible with the Century Optics Sunshade with 4x4 filter holder. Read more...

Click here to see sample video using the Z10 Wide-angle Lenses
Click here to see sample video using the JVC Stereo Base Extender
Coming soon, sample footage from Z10 Filter/Close-up Adapter

Extreme Wide-angle Lens (EWAL)

This extreme wide-angle lens is similar to a fish-eye type lens. Read more...
"I've installed the adapters from Cyclopital3D on all of my 3D cameras. They allow me to squeeze the most out of both my optics and investment. They have the look and feel of a quality product built to last."
John J. Zelenka, Stereographer,

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Panasonic AG-3DA1 Stereo Base Extender, Click here
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