Sony/JVC Camcorder

 Sample Images taken with the

 Cyclopital3D Filter/Close-up Adapter

Shown in Wall-eye/Parallel Viewing Format
Note: These sample images were taken with the JVC GS-TD1 camcorder, however because the stereo base of the Sony is nearly the same as the JVC, the results are essentially the same for both the JVC and Sony. We also chose to use the JVC because the Sony won't capture still image and the JVC does.

The pictures were processed taking care to balance any differences in frame, scale, brightness, color etc., but because they were taken at slightly different times there remain small differences in these parameters that are not a result of the use of the Stereo Base Extender. 

The spacing of the lenses on both the JVC and the Sony camcorders is less than normal eye spacing making these cameras well suited to close-up work, while other characteristics of these cameras limit how close you can actually get to a subject without lens attachments. With the addition of a close-up lens, both cameras can produce good 3D imagery with much greater magnification. The sample images show examples of what can be achieved by adding a lens attachment to your Sony or JVC Camcorder.

Click here to see sample video footage using the Stereo Base Extender.
Click here to see sample video footage using the Filter/Close-up Adapter.
Thanks to Joe Clark, who contibuted this excellent footage!
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