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HD3D View-Vaster™  
View-VasterIt really is bigger on the inside!
Everyone remembers what it was like to see the world through a View-Master viewer, a device that has entertained generations of children and adults worldwide! Introducing the next step in the evolution of 3D viewers, the HD3DView-Vaster™. The imagery seen through the new HD3DView-Vaster is more than 3 times wider than the old View-Master with the HD display providing a brilliantly bright and exciting viewing experience! When you look inside the HD3D View-Vaster, you will see imagery comparable to looking at a 65" HD TV screen from just 6ft away. The view is VAST!

It's pretty surprising to see that our little 5 inch cell phone displays now have the same resolution as an HD TV packed into such a small size! This technology is just what we've been waiting for because it enables a portable 3D viewer that will do justice to your images and video. Show your 3D in the best light -a gorgeous, bright, crisp image that rivals the quality of medium format slides! And if you are a 3D film-maker needing to show your work to a potential client, this is the best and easiest way to showcase your talents!

Imagine easily viewing your 3D images and video with the dramatic clarity and immersion of a "Stereoscope" anywhere and anytime you want! If you've never seen your images in a real stereoscope, then you are in for a real surprise! In our opinion, for a viewer to be considered a Stereoscope it must have a fully-enclosed viewing area, a full septum separating the two images, and eye-cups to block reflections and external visual distractions. Cyclopital3D has meticulously combined those features while giving painstaking attention toward providing the best image quality and experience possible. Each View-Vasteris manaufactured 100% in the USA! There are cheaper viewers out there, but nothing compares to the image quality, craftsmanship, and visual experience of the HD3D View-Vaster!

The stunningly immersive images inside the viewer are the kind that make people gasp the first time they peer into the world inside this box! Get yours today and View-Vaster 3D in HD anywhere and anytime!

  • Directly transfer images from your Fuji 3D camera
  • Extra wide horizontal field of view of up to 43 degrees depending on the cell phone
  • Fully enclosed viewing area eliminates distractions and enables use in bright environments, even in full sunlight
  • Wide-range, adjustable focus makes it possible for many people that wear glasses to use the viewer without them
  • Adjustable interocular spacing improves viewing comfort
  • Fully-coated, anti-reflective, doublet achromatic lenses provide you with the best image quality
  • Corrective lenses can be attached, if needed
  • Lenses are easily removable for cleaning
  • Eye-cups block visual distractions and are collapsible for eye-glass wearers
  • Full septum eliminates side images that are visable when the right eye sees some of the left image and visa versa. In the HD3D View-Vaster Stereoscope each eye sees only one image!
  • Lightweight, portable, small stereoscope is easy to transport. Also includes a deluxe carrying bag
  • Allows for access to images from web galleries 
  • Load and view images and video in simple side-by-side format so you can use the phone's built-in viewing application with no special software
  • Cell phone is easy to insert and remove and is also protected from accidentally falling out
  • Easy to upgrade phone mount when you change phones
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 88x161x105mm
  • Weight: 626g
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HD3D View-Vaster 

Price: $495.00 
Price includes free shipping to the continental USA and free deluxe carrying bag. Cell phone not included. International shipping costs vary according to receiving country so please contact us for a quote at All Cyclopital3D products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

When ordering, please note in comment box which cell phone you will be using so we know which mount to send. Expected shipping lead time is one week. 

"The workflow from the Fuji W3 to View-Vaster is absurdly simple!"                                                Joe Tunon, Experienced Stereo Photographer
This is much more than a 3D Viewer for cell phones, this is true Stereoscope in Full HD!
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What if you don't want to pay for "smart phone" service? You don't have to! We have some HD cell phones in stock that can be used exclusively with the View-Vaster and no phone service is necessary. See below for purchase information and if you have questions, feel free to ask us!
HD3D View-Vaster™  
"I LOVE my View-Vaster! This is hands down the best digital viewer I've seen!"                                                                                                                     Ron Labbe, Studio 3D 
Digitized Antique Stereo Sets! These beautiful, historic stereocard collections were distributed by Keystone, Underwood & Underwood and others. The images look amazing in the View-Vaster! Click here for more information.
Digitized Antique Stereo Sets! These beautiful, historic stereocard collections were distributed by Keystone, Underwood & Underwood and others. The images look amazing in the View-Vaster! Click here for more information.
Cell Phone mount for HD3D View-Vaster

Price: $99.00
New phone? No problem! Specify which phone you need the mount to fit and we will also send you the little wrench needed to swap it. Includes priority shipping.
New International Shipping Option! 
Flat rate= $50 for standard US Postal service. 
Note: for larger orders there may be a greater fee.
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